Constance Howell

I originally came here needing a lot of help. Their whole team worked very hard to get me stronger and be able to help myself and take care of myself. Their Director of Nursing, Jennifer, is very professional and knows a lot! She goes above and beyond to help and makes herself very accessible. If I ever did have a concern she handled everything!
The food here has been outstanding and the cooks are excellent. There have been a lot of options on the menu and the cooks are very professional and also very knowledgeable. They would go out of their way if I ever didn’t like something, to make me something else. Housekeeping was always on top of cleaning everything, every day- they are very professional, high speed people!
Any time I pushed my call button the staff showed up in a flash! The nursing team was always very happy to help. Katelyn, Tika, and Alice are some C.N.A’s that were amazing! Kyana, Elizabeth, and Terry are nurses that did an excellent job! The Concierge, Shannon, was wonderful and always helped me out, I never had to worry about a thing. 5 stars!